Cook Hat

Our newest imaginative platter includes the oldie but gift – Cook’s Toque Hat. Prepare on your own, because these artworks aren’t your typical toque hat. They’re done accompanying the style as well as panache that just Sexy Scrubs can provide! Our Personalized Cook’s Toques are not just available in your option of numerous textiles, however you obtain to custom layout your toque accompanying your incomparable character in mind, considering that we provide you the choice of including different band shades.

To cover it all off (pun meant) your genuinely one-of-a-kind Chef’s Toque will certainly be stitched simply for you, right below in the UNITED STATE, by our knowledgeable seamstresses. These females understand ways to put a dish – or a garment – with each other for a wonderful discussion. Simply puts, we recognize just how to make you look excellent.

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