Cat Eye Ring

Has your cat got one or both eyes reddened or swollen for some time now? Is your cat squinting sometimes or constantly? Maybe it is just a watery discharge from their eyes. If any of these has happened, then your cat might be suffering from cat eye conjunctivitis, which some people call the "squinting Cat" […]

Halo Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Some call them teardrop diamonds, while others know them as pear shaped diamonds. The technical name is ‘pear shaped modified brilliant’, and rightly so. The contemporarily cut gems exude exceptional brilliance even as the shape is a unique blend of marquise and round. This hybrid cut is a favourite for exclusive designer engagement ring settings, […]

Vessel Sink Positioning Ring

When it pertains to choosing the excellent piece for this space or the excellent that for that area, a bunch of arguments and also time squandering could happen. If you do not recognize just what is available to you then you do not know what the best thing is for you. When choosing a vessel […]

1 Karat Ruby Ring

Although it's not the normal choice yet emerald cut rubies make up lovely involvement rings. They are generally, inexpensive as compare with different one. Overall purchasers handle to spend for a much better gems rather of a rounded fantastic. Emerald cut diamonds needs separated installs from the 4 sides. Emerald cut diamond rings present you […]

Brushed Nickel Towel Ring

Bathroom design has evolved all throughout the years, and everything from chrome to brass has been used as popular bathroom lining. These trends dissipated quite quickly, and all to make way for a particular finish that constantly remained a popular choice - the all too popular brushed nickel finish.  The more subtle appeal provided by […]

Four Carat Diamond Ring

If it is a carat or much more, you'll be able to rejoice - you happen to be a part in the expanding and fabulous carat club. With regards to diamonds, 'carat' is one thing that everybody who understands their stones automatically thinks of. Most of the people can't afford to have a diamond ring […]