Mulberry Silk Sheets

If you are contemplating transforming up your bed room or you're simply just looking for sheets, silk bed sheets are very advised. You're possibly assuming they're expensive and also they do set you back a piece a lot more but they have many perks. Before you make up your mind completely, take into consideration the […]

Extra Deep Sheets

Do you know the difference in between standard mattress linen and an extra deep fitted sheet? Well, for your information there is not really that much deviation or distinction between these particular two varieties of bed sheets. Actually, the similarities among an extra fitted deep sheets and typical bed sheets is a lot more outstanding, […]

King Size Flannel Sheets

The king flat sheet height is 259 cm or 102 inches. The measurement is applicable for the regular king and California king too. What are the Other Flat Sheet Sizes? The queen size is 228 x 259 cm, which is equal to 90 x 102 inches. The full flat sheet is 205 x 243 cm […]