Kohler Rain Shower Head

If you're likely to have your bathrooms redesigned, and that includes updating your shower head, you should think about the well-known Kohler shower heads. Kohler, being among the top companies making bathroom and appliances for the kitchen, has built its name via high quality goods. For instance, the Kohler rain shower heads are extremely well-liked […]

Frameless Bypass Shower Door

Installation of a typical frameless shower door and panel for the do-it-yourselfer You will need: 3/8 door and panel, hinges,hinges screws, handle bottom sweep and strike seal Drill / screw gun ,level, wood shims, 3/16" steel drill bit, 3/16" masonry drill bit  for hardened tile you may need a spear bit, 3/16" plastic wall anchors, […]

Shower Curtain Liners

The shower curtain is exposed to moisture, dirt and soap scum on a continual basis.  Both of these items are known breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which can damage fabric curtains and leave unsightly stains on every shower curtain.  By putting a vinyl curtain liner behind your actual shower curtain; you are placing a […]

Glass Shower Kit

Have you ever thought about putting in your  true own  shower? If you have, you have likely been deterred by the  well high  price of parts and  brilliantly labor  involved in the  a little task . Fortunately though, you can save quite  manner a  bit of  almost money  by going with shower enclosure kits rather […]

Moen Shower Seat

The cartridge allows the Moen shower faucets to stop the water flow easily, preventing any leaks that may cause the water to flood in your bathroom. This also allows the faucet to distinguish the difference between the pipes that are used for cold and hot water. Though these give you certain benefits, the cartridge may […]

Frameless Neo Angle Shower Doors

The neo angle shower door could be a new concept in shower doors. A regular shower enclosure has doors that ride parallel to the back wall of the shower. The neo angle version rides parallel to the corner and is supposed primarily for a corner shower stall. This sort of enclosure is a up to […]